Welcome Little Leah

I decided to make a new pair of jeans for this little one. I didn't like the white thread and I found some cute pink fabric to use on the edges of the legs instead of the denim. Now that her outfit is finally finished, she is available for sale. If you interested in purchasing her, or would like to see more pictures of her, please click this link... http://www.nataliescholl.com/Leah.html


It's a Girl!

After I put the paint on this little one, all I could see was girl. I spent two days painting her... one day just getting the light skintone that I wanted and another day to do all the detailing. I am pleased with how she turned out. My mom is going away and was too busy getting ready to sew, so I got creative last night and spent 4-5 hours creating some mini jeans. They make me laugh, but I think they suit her. I'd still like to either make a hat or a little hooded jacket to go with her and then she will be ready to go up for sale. I took this picture of her last night sporting her new jeans.



I have finished the arms for this latest little one and am happy with the positioning of all the fingers. Now to sand all the pieces down to get them as smooth as possible. Then they can begin to come to life with a little colouring. Though I am contemplating sculpting a little belly plate for this one. I have not quite decided yet. Hopefully I will have pictures to post in the next couple of days to give a sneak peek.



With all that has been going on here, I have been trying to play "catch-up" in order to finish a little one that I started a little while ago. I spent what seemed like forever working on the legs for this little one before I was finally happy with them. I just have the arms left to do now. Hopefully I can finish up with those soon here. I had run out of eyes and was waiting on those to arrive while I started this one, so it is another sleeper. The eyes have since arrived and they are beautiful solid glass eyes. Hopefully I can make some beautiful babies to put them in.


Sam I am

Little Sam arrived into our growing family Saturday night. This sweet little boy should give me great inspiration for my sculpting.