After a few unforseen unrelated delays, I now can finally present Alexander...

He is 9 inches long with 1/2 arms and full legs. He has newborn grey/blue glass eyes. After studying little Sam for hours, I sculpted this face to give that kind of expression a newborn has when studying his surroundings.
He is now available for sale on my website at: http://www.nataliescholl.com/Alexander2.html
I had planned on getting him up earlier, but my computer is being a little defiant and did not want to move at the pace I was wanting to. ;o)


Clothing Time for the New Baby

I finally finished putting together my new little one last night... LATE last night. I always seem to be most creative at night. I don't know why that is. Of course I also had to make a diaper right away... necessities first. ;o) Today is clothing day and then I will be able to do his/her first photo shoot. I am leaning towards boy on this baby, but I am still not 100% convinced. I need to lay some fabrics on it to decide.

I had been wanting to sculpt more today on another baby, but it is very hot and humid today and the clay just melts in my hands. I had the air conditioner off, but it is on now and hopefully later it will be cool enough to get back to the clay. That is, if I'm not too busy posing the new baby and photographing. ;o)


Almost Finished

Another night spent sculpting into the wee hours of the morning. I did manage to finish a set of legs for this open eyed baby though, so now I just need to finish the arms and it will be ready for sanding/painting and then assembly. I used little Sam's legs as a guide for these and will do the same for the arms. It really does help to have a real baby around to "inspect". ;o)

Hopefully soon I will be posting with some pictures of my newest little one.