Jordan Proofs

Today ended up being another long day... 12 more hours spent on these guys and their pictures. I decided to leave one of them bald as a choice for the new mommies. I don't normally like to leave my babies bald, but I thought it looked kind of cute. My keeper is the one with the thick head of hair! :)


Proof Day

I am calling today "Proof Day" because my goal is to have my three Artist Proofs for the Jordan edition finished. I have been working all day since I got up on these and this will be another all nighter for me to get them finished. I have one finished and hope to finish the last two by later in the morning sometime. It's in the middle of the night now. :)

My mom is working hard on outfits for their first pictures, so hopefully after I have a bit of a sleep later in the day, I will be able to take pictures to share.

I had no idea it had been so long since I last posted on here! For those of you who read regularly, sorry for neglecting my blog! I have been so engrossed in these resins that I've lost track of all else.

I will write more later today.


Quick Update

Just thought I would stop in to give a quick update. I have been trying painting techniques on my Artist Proofs... trying to find something that I like just as well as for my ooaks. I am making progress and hopefully will finish one soon and be able to post pictures. Then I will need to figure out a good way to glue hair on and make it look nice. These are so much different to do than the ooaks. It is difficult to do something where everything that you do to finish a doll is a whole new process. It is good to learn new things though, and I'm sure soon I will be moving right along on these. :)



In some ways, it seems like only yesterday I sent little Jordan off to be molded and cast in resin, and now, two months later... I have received the first 5. I was originally hoping I would receive all 23 at once so I could get to work on them. When I took all the pieces out of the box today and placed them on my desk, I thought to myself, "What was I thinking!?" and was glad I only had 5 to begin with. They fill the whole desk as it is. With 5 pieces for each doll, I realized in the end I will have painted 115 pieces to complete the edition. I'm sure I would have been overwhelmed having them all at once!! I am anxious to get these five finished and get a picture of them together. I am really happy with the colour of the resin. I think it is a great base colour to work with.

I have also finished my crib, but I still need to make the bedding for it. It turned out great, and I'm very pleased with it. Hopefully shortly I will have some pictures of the resins and the crib complete with bedding! :)