New Look

I have been wanting to redevelop my website for the last few months to give it a simpler and cleaner look, and to have it match the style of my blog. Finally, it is now finished. Please check out my new website...


I would also like to announce that I only have 1 spot left now in my first resin edition. If you are interested in reserving that spot, please contact me through my webpage.


Limited Edition Resin

I am happy to announce that I now have pre-ordering set up for my latest baby... baby Jordan. This baby will be a Limited Edition of 20, with 3 artist proofs. This is my first resin edition to be produced. If you are interested in knowing more about this baby, or would like to pre-order, please click on the following link:



I am home from my vacation now. My days were spent viewing beautiful scenery and wildlife that I had never seen before. It refreshed my mind and with that, I have jumped into getting my announcement ready. I will be posting it later today.


New Arrival

This baby does not have a name yet, but here she/he is...

Sorry the pictures are a bit delayed, I've been trying to get ready to go on vacation and it slipped my mind. I do have special plans for this baby, which I will announce when I return from my trip... so if you are interested, please check back later this month.


Coming Soon...

I have finished this baby and am waiting for my wonderful seamstress, (my mom), to come up with an outfit for it. She was hoping to finish something today, so once I get it back, I'll post some pictures. Please check back soon!


Pictures to Come

I began another baby recently. I cannot remember now when I started the head, but I finally finished it this past weekend. It took me awhile to finish because I fussed over the face for hours as usual. Yesterday I finished up the legs, so this little one sits on my desk all positioned in a stuffed outfit with no arms yet. Poor thing. :)

Hopefully today I will manage to get some arms made. I will post pictures as soon as I can. I am finally able to do that now... back up and running with my Photoshop program.


Computer Issues

I have not been able to post any photos of what I have been doing lately because the computer with all my photos has been freezing up on me. Luckily, I have two hard drives and had everything backed up on there. Yesterday I was forced to wipe the main drive and reinstall windows. I am still trying to get all the Windows updates on there and then all the software. Hopefully I'll be able to share some photos soon.

I did sculpt a new head which I thought I was going to use for a mini resin reproduction, but decided in the end that it just wasn't what I was looking for. Inbetween that, I've been working on a course that I have been taking. It is a forensic facial reconstruction class. We each had to get a lifesize human skull, (reproduction of one), to work on. It has been very interesting and quite amazing to do. I will share pictures of that as well once I get back to the computer with all the photos.