I cannot believe it's been 7 months since my last post here!  Wow!  I guess one of my New Year's resolutions for my business will be to make a conscious effort not to forget about my blog!  :)

The world of the internet surely can take you away.  I signed up for a Facebook Fan Page and between updating that, answering emails that I get through three different addresses and my facebook mail, updating webpages, keeping up with orders for kits... you can see how time escapes me.

Ontop of all of this, I have been renovating my first home for the last 7 months.  Things with that are finally starting to come to a close... just in time to host some Christmas dinners.  I'm looking forward to enjoying time in a house without wearing construction boots!

What has been happening with Art Dolls by Natalie Scholl these last months?  I introduced my second kit, "Ryan", a limited edition of 1000 kits.  Pre-orders began on July 19th and within 50 hours, I had completely sold out and my dealers sold out shortly thereafter.  I was definitely not prepared for this kind of response!  This production took far longer than I had ever hoped for or imagined.  The kits only arriving to me this past week.  I, (along with my mom), have been busy inspecting each and every piece before sorting, packing and shipping.  I have decided that having this many kits come in at this time of the year is extremely stressful.... and if I can avoid it in the future, I will do so!!  I have so many things to do!!  I'm just focusing on the day when the kits are all shipped out and I can relax.

I have also been working on a custom order and have begun sculpting a head for my next kit.  With things the way they are at the moment, both of these projects are moving very slowly.  I hope things will be able to pick up again in the new year.

For now, I'll leave you with pictures of little Ryan...

We also have a new little one in the family.  Please meet baby Charlotte...

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Happy Kwanzaa... or whatever you may celebrate!