Almost Halfway

I have now finished numbers 8 and 9 in the edition, which brings me just about to the halfway point. It has been such a long process... I wonder how it will feel to me when I am back to sculpting. I am very much getting the "itch" to sculpt again. I see pictures of cute babies, or see pictures of other wonderful sculpts and it makes me want to pull all my sculpting stuff out. Soon enough!

I am beginning work on numbers 10 and 12 in the edition, (11 is on hold for now). Hopefully in a few days I will have pictures of them to share. For now, I will post this picture of 8 and 9.


My Time Off

While waiting for my resins to come for the last week, I decided to take some time off. After several sleepless nights, I definitely needed the break. When I start on the rest of them, I will work straight, with no days off, until they are all complete... so I am using my time wisely now, and enjoying it. :)

I have spent my time doing the cleaning I neglected while working on all these little ones, as well as doing some knitting for my niece and nephew. I am a beginner knitter, so I work slowly... but I have made great progress, (for me), and hope I can finish off these two sweaters before these little ones outgrow them! I have enjoyed my time working on them.

I am now feeling renewed and ready for the rest of these resins.