So Much for the New Year's Resolution!

I just reread my last post and feel so ashamed at the fact that I wanted to post more on here for my New Year's Resolution and here we are entering the fourth week of July for my first post since!!  I guess some things never change!

My house is still under construction somewhat, (15 months and counting now), but the projects left are all the small, fine detailed ones mainly.  On the up side, it is inhabitable and on the down side... I tend to work slow on fine details.

This brings me onto the subject of sculpting!  :)  I am still working on a custom sculpt.  I am very close to finishing now and am anxious to put the final result together and do a final photo shoot.  Once she goes off to her "mommy", I will get hard at work on my next kit as well as a mini ooak that I will likely list for sale on Ebay.  If not there, I will list it directly on my website.  I hope to be able to post again soon with pictures of the latest little one here.

For now I am off to work on the little munchkin!