Tuckered Out

After studying MANY newborn pictures of my nephew at various angles and an infant skull I have here, I think I have corrected some of the things that I had done wrong in previous sculpts. I think I have improved on the general head and face shape of a newborn with this sculpt... beginning with what the "skull structure" would be underneath and the various muscles, tendons, and fat pads associated with a newborn.

I had intended on creating a little girl, but this one has proven to be boy all the way. I guess studying all those boy pictures did rub off in another, unintended, way! :)

Here he is, just cured, no paint...


Happy Easter!

Now that I have hosted Easter dinner and all is calm again, I can return to my sculpting. I had started on a new head last week, but it was turning out smaller than I had wanted this one to be... so I started anew today. I am working on one that will be about 9 inches and will list it for sale on either my website or Ebay. I have not decided where yet.

I have an idea of what I would like this one to be like when it is done, and hopefully that idea will surface in this clay. :)

I will write again when I've made some progress.

Happy Easter!


A Matter of Neglect

All I can say is, "Oops!". :) I was surprised when I logged on today and saw that I hadn't posted since March 17th! I have long since finished babies numbered 17, 18, and 19. Unfortunately the buyer for number 20 had to drop her spot. On the up side for me, it means I am now finished my resin orders and can get back to my sculpting. The past couple of days I have been catching up with my cleaning/organizing and knitting for my nephew. It has been nice and now I am ready to jump into the clay!

The three resins that I have left here I will complete at a later date... for now I need to sculpt a new face. :)

Here are numbers 17 and 18:

and number 19: