I realized today that it has been awhile since I've last posted, so thought I'd write.

I worked quite hard on a new head for my preemie, but it just wasn't turning out the way I was seeing it in my head... so I had to put it down for awhile. I will come back to it with a fresh look and hopefully it will progress better. In the meantime, I have started work on another 9 inch... something I'm more familiar with and something I can finish faster than the other. I have been taking my time with it as well however. :)

I have been busy trying to get everything I'll need for my resins. I need different paint, among other things, that I don't use on my ooaks. I've been researching on what paints are best to use, paint sealers, etc. I heard last week that my first shipment of resins will arrive in the next week or so. It won't be long now that I'll be totally immersed in those. I will post pictures as I finish them. The first three will be the Artist Proofs.

Anyways, soon I should have pictures of something to share, (whether it be of an ooak, resin, or a wooden crib I've been working on to display my babies in).


Bad News

After countless hours spent on this preemie baby, I have sad news to report. I found a couple of moonies in one leg, so decided I needed to resculpt that.... which was disheartening enough. To add to that now, I found that I sculpted in the corner of the eye and let the clay get too thin there, and there are some hairline cracks there. So now I am left with sculpting another head and a leg. I was very upset to find these after all the time invested in this baby, but, time to move on.

The first of my resins are due to arrive here soon, so I had toyed with the idea of giving up on this preemie for a little while and go back to a smaller, more familiar size with the little time I have left before I get inundated with the resin work. The preemie however, calls out to be finished... so I am going to be working hard in the next number of days trying to replace what I have lost. Hopefully I can do just as good a job on this next head, or even better would always be acceptable too! :)


Pampers Ad

Today I finished the arms for this little one and when they had cooled, I set all the pieces in a stuffed diaper and shirt to see how it looked all together. I took a few pictures and this one was my favourite of the lot... a preemie Pampers ad. :)

The limbs are not sanded or painted yet, so they look rather "flat" still. Soon they will come to life.



I have been moving along so slowly with this little preemie due to being extremely fussy with details and being unable to sculpt for a few days. I had anticipated this one being finished by now, so we will call this one... overdue. :)

I have completed the legs for this one and am working on finishing up the arms now. What a fragile being this little one is.

Sorry for the delay.