I realized today that it has been awhile since I've last posted, so thought I'd write.

I worked quite hard on a new head for my preemie, but it just wasn't turning out the way I was seeing it in my head... so I had to put it down for awhile. I will come back to it with a fresh look and hopefully it will progress better. In the meantime, I have started work on another 9 inch... something I'm more familiar with and something I can finish faster than the other. I have been taking my time with it as well however. :)

I have been busy trying to get everything I'll need for my resins. I need different paint, among other things, that I don't use on my ooaks. I've been researching on what paints are best to use, paint sealers, etc. I heard last week that my first shipment of resins will arrive in the next week or so. It won't be long now that I'll be totally immersed in those. I will post pictures as I finish them. The first three will be the Artist Proofs.

Anyways, soon I should have pictures of something to share, (whether it be of an ooak, resin, or a wooden crib I've been working on to display my babies in).

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