The Big Mix-up

I forgot to come back and post a picture of these three cuties. I thought I was being so smart by having each of the three wear a different coloured diaper so I would know which one was which, but I still managed to mix up two of the babies. When I went to dress them, I mixed up their bows and outfits and was part-way through taking their pictures when I realized it! Good thing I don't have real triplets myself! :)

In this picture, the ones on the right and left are in the wrong outfits, but I liked this picture so much that I am posting it as they are... mixed up. The little one in the middle looks like she is squirming with all her might to get herself infront of the other two. :)

I am just finishing up numbers 17 and 18... they are almost ready for photos. I will post a picture of those two soon. When those two are finished and off, then I just have two left to complete. It is hard to believe I am nearing the end of this edition, yet, not so hard since it has been such a long process. What a great learning experience it has been all around.



I am just in the midst of finishing three more resins, (the first time I have attempted doing three at once). All the "mommies" requested medium brown glued hair... so even though they look slightly different in the way their hair lays, I still kind of look at them as triplets.

I just finished making their diapers... so they are lying on my bed waiting for their arms to be sewn on, but wearing their diapers. Each of them has a different coloured diaper so that I know which one is which. :)

After I finish these three, I will only have four left to do. Two people have given up their spots, so I will still have two left here to do, but since they are not yet sold, I can look forward to sculpting for now.

I will write again soon with pictures of these three, (numbers 13-15).


My Latest

I forgot to post the last two resins when I finished them. I finished these two a few days ago... they are numbers 10 and 12 in the edition. I'm slowly getting there and as the new moms patiently wait for their babies, I patiently wait to get back to sculpting.

Here are the latest two...