I am slowly progressing with the limbs for my preemie baby. It is completely different trying to sculpt this little one... everything has to be so fragile and delicate looking. I am having fun working on something so different, but it definitely is a learning curve for me! I have all four limbs started now. Normally I will finish a limb before starting another, but this time I am laying everything out in a stuffed body to be sure it suits this little one, (both proportion wise and style). Hopefully soon I will be putting this little one together.

I can't help but look at this baby and think how incredible it is that babies are born this small and survive. So amazing.


Miracle Baby

Tonight I finally finished the head I've been working on for the last while. I worked so hard on it and changed it around so much, that I think I compressed the foil armature smaller than it originally was because this baby will be the size of a 2-3 lb preemie I think. Definitely not 40 weeks. So while I worked on it, I researched for hours on end, preemies of around this size. Their features are so difficult to replicate! I think this baby is maybe a bit of a mix of preemie and newborn features. I found a little guy online that I modelled it by, and he didn't have the regular micro-preemie characteristics... what a beautiful little boy he was. I only wish I could sculpt this one as beautiful as he was at that size. Anyways, I titled this post "Miracle Baby" because it kind of seemed fitting. Preemies of this size really are miracles. For this sculpt, it's a miracle it even is here! I changed the face completely more times than I can even remember and at one point I was ready to give up. But, here it is... all snuggled up in a blanket on my desk patiently waiting for some arms and legs.




My first resin edition, "Jordan", is sold out and now begins the wait for the resin pieces to be molded and cast. Seems strange to wait so long now with nothing to do for them until they arrive when I know how busy I will be painting them and getting them all ready once they are here. In the meantime, I have decided to start working on a larger sized baby. I have replicated a 40 week skull using foil and will begin sculpting on that tonight. I have no idea how large the head will end up being once it is all sculpted, but I would guess this baby will be preemie or newborn size when finished. I was anxious to try something different after all the 9 inch ones I have just done in a row. I will post as I make progress on it.