Then There Was Halle

A few days ago, I finished another 9 inch baby... Halle. She has such petite features compared to Alex. I am doing a photo shoot of the two of them together and will post some of the pictures soon here.

I am anxious to get myself started on another one. I wonder what will come out of that clay this time around. I hope to post progress soon.


Full House

Aside from all the partly finished heads I have lying about, I have been mad at work on a little girl, (or so it seems like a girl so far). Later today I am hoping to finish some arms for her and then all the pieces for her will be ready for sanding and painting. Her head and legs are posed beside Alex and I have to laugh each time I look at them because it looks like these two little ones are fighting for space. This new little one has her left leg sprawled across Alex's right leg as if she is trying to kick his out of the way to make space for herself. I can imagine a personality for this baby already just looking at the two of them together. She's a fighter, Alex is more on the timid side. Hopefully I will be able to finish up my little fighter in the next couple of days.


Welcome Baby Alex

I finally went to pick up my baby boy from my mom's house. She made the sweetest little outfit for him... a puppy paw printed shirt with matching shoes and blue shorts and bib. He also has a floppy puppy eared hat. What a sweet little man. Last night I decided to name him Alex. I still have not done his true photo shoot, but I did manage to get this picture of him last night to post.

On another note, after spending hours working on my lifesize head, I awoke the next day and decided I did not like what I had made. So I then went to work destroying it. It seems I go through many cycles of sculpting, reworking, sculpting, destroying. I wish it did not take me so long to be satisfied with each piece... it takes me so long to complete them this way. I still have a dream that one day, with more practice, I'll become faster.


Quilter Bees

I sit here in the wee hours of the morning feeling some creativity flowing again. It always seems to appear in the middle of the night for me. I have been absent for what must be days now because I have been busy trying to get a quilt ready for the new "real" baby coming into our family here. I am nearly finished with that now, so I am getting back to my sculpting. My "little one" is still at my mom's place waiting to get an outfit. She too has been quilting as of late. Hopefully soon she will have time to use her creativity to finish him off beautifully.

As for tonight, I have begun work on a lifesize that has been waiting for some time now. I have so many creation ideas floating around in my head that I am having trouble focusing on one at a time. I think I am needing to get away from the tiny ones for a bit, so this baby will be a good one to set my hands on. My hope for now is that all will go smoothly with this one.