Welcome Baby Alex

I finally went to pick up my baby boy from my mom's house. She made the sweetest little outfit for him... a puppy paw printed shirt with matching shoes and blue shorts and bib. He also has a floppy puppy eared hat. What a sweet little man. Last night I decided to name him Alex. I still have not done his true photo shoot, but I did manage to get this picture of him last night to post.

On another note, after spending hours working on my lifesize head, I awoke the next day and decided I did not like what I had made. So I then went to work destroying it. It seems I go through many cycles of sculpting, reworking, sculpting, destroying. I wish it did not take me so long to be satisfied with each piece... it takes me so long to complete them this way. I still have a dream that one day, with more practice, I'll become faster.

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BabesbyBarb said...

Love baby Alex, he is scrumptious :)