In some ways, it seems like only yesterday I sent little Jordan off to be molded and cast in resin, and now, two months later... I have received the first 5. I was originally hoping I would receive all 23 at once so I could get to work on them. When I took all the pieces out of the box today and placed them on my desk, I thought to myself, "What was I thinking!?" and was glad I only had 5 to begin with. They fill the whole desk as it is. With 5 pieces for each doll, I realized in the end I will have painted 115 pieces to complete the edition. I'm sure I would have been overwhelmed having them all at once!! I am anxious to get these five finished and get a picture of them together. I am really happy with the colour of the resin. I think it is a great base colour to work with.

I have also finished my crib, but I still need to make the bedding for it. It turned out great, and I'm very pleased with it. Hopefully shortly I will have some pictures of the resins and the crib complete with bedding! :)

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