Fist Fight

Not in the traditional sense, but there was a fist fight here this evening. I cannot recall the last time I positioned and repositioned fists as much as I did with these two tonight. I seem to be very fastidious with this little guy and I am still not even convinced that I will be entirely satisfied with these when I see them with fresh eyes tomorrow. I did end up going with the 3/4 arms for him. When I lay out all the pieces for this tiny little fellow, he looks so cold with no clothing here in the “Great White North”. Perhaps tomorrow I will come up with a nice outfit for my little man.


Debbie Lee said...

Hi Nat,
Looks great, I think this is gonna be fun. hehe
Hang in there you will get that baby perfect. fist fights and all.
Debbie Lee

BabesbyBarb said...

Love the title of this post :)