Little Miss

Before I left on my trip, I started on a custom order that I agreed to do awhile ago. I didn't get very far before I left, so when I got Emilio up on Ebay, I went back to work on that one. I finally finished the head for her late last night. She is now patiently awaiting her limbs so she can finally go home to her mommy who has been waiting so long for her. She is much daintier looking than Emilio... it is fun to put her head next to him and see the difference. It looks like a 5-6lb baby next to an 8lb one. My nephew, (the one that I used the pictures of to sculpt Emilio), was an 8 pounder, so I guess that seems right! :) This newest little one does not have a name yet, so I am just calling her "Little Miss".

I will post pictures soon....


BabesbyBarb said...

Hey Nat I am wanting to see this new Little Miss , hope you are finding some time to get them arms and legs created :)

Natalie Scholl said...

Thanks Barb... it took me a little while, but I finally got her finished. :)