New Kit "Bailey"!

It has been awhile... okay... a LONG while, since I last posted here.  I actually completely forgot about my blog until I updated my webpage last week and saw the link to it.  I was ill for quite some time, and during that time, I was one of those people who got bit by the forums and Facebook bug and neglected everything else.  Alas, I am finally getting back into the groove of things and looking forward to improving my skills.

I have just brought out a new kit named, "Bailey".  This kit is a Special Limited Edition, (only 500 kits, as opposed to my regular editions, which are larger).  Bailey was unveiled at the International Doll Show in Asheville, North Carolina.  Due to the small edition size, I do not have any dealers for this kit. The kit is available on my website only, at www.nataliescholl.com/Bailey.

I am currently working on another couple of projects and hope to be able to share some news and sneak peek photos soon!  For now, please enjoy a few photos of one of the Bailey prototypes, done by Evon Nather.