One Head Down, One to Go!

I have just put my head with open eyes in the oven. That took a lot more time to complete than I thought it would. I changed the face more times than I can even count because I was just not satisfied with it. I am also trying to get another head done at the moment... and of course, I will need 8 limbs to go along with them. So lots more work ahead of me in the next few days. At least with one head done, I finally feel like I'm making progress.

As of late, my days here have been filled with holding and playing with a 7 week old and sculpting by night. I'm trying to memorize every crease on his body, every curve of his head for my sculpting before he gets too big to use as a guide for my newborns. I marvel at every tiny feature on this little guy, and wish I could "sculpt" like that. =)

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