My Little Guy

Two posts in one day... must be a record for me! :)

Today I had planned to spend the whole day organizing and cleaning. I ended up doing a little bit of that, and then I pulled out my preemie that I started months ago. I worked on it until he was finished. This is the baby that had a couple of moonies in the leg and a small crack at the corner of one eye... so he will stay here with me... my little guy. I have decided that I do very much like this size. He is about the size of a 3lb baby I think.

Anyways, here are some pictures of him...


OOAK babies by Mina said...

He's absolutely gorgeous. It's disappointing if a crack appears after all that hard work, but he is wanted all the same :)

BabesbyBarb said...

this one could actually breathe, once of my favorites of yours, but I love them all :)