In the Making...

I began a head and forgot to take pictures along the way, so I began anew tonight with another 9 incher. After several hours through the night, I have progress pictures to share.
First I made a foil armature for the head giving it the general shape that I wanted.

Next, I covered the armature with a layer of clay and started to shape the head, nose, chin, and neck.Then I shaped in all the features... eyes, nose, mouth, browline, added ears, shaped the jawline and the temples. I have not done any smoothing yet, just a rough "sketch" of the head using my clay.
I have now begun to really "personalize" this baby by detailing the facial features. I have shaped the creases on the eyelids and under the eyes to how I would like them to look. I have also reshaped the mouth and detailed it more. The temples have been more defined. It still needs more smoothing at this point and the ears and head shape need to be more even, but it is "roughed" in and well on the way and will soon be ready for hair.


BabesbyBarb said...

I love this one Nat, you are a true master when it comes to the babies, thanks for sharing the photos with us

Melissa said...

Thank you for doing this Natalie..I have wondered just how to use foil for the head, this is very helpful. Now send some talent my way..LOL!