The Last Long Night

I am now finished with my last night of long hours working on this baby. Last night I finished up the arms and sculpted a set of legs for him as well. I was going to take pictures when I finished, but I was too exhausted after working for 12 hours straight. In the back of my mind, I had thoughts of reproducing this little one... which is why I wanted to do an open hand. In the end, I decided not to reproduce him, so I closed up his open hand. I am always afraid of doing hands like that for the ooaks because the fingers are so tiny that they can break easily. I wish I did not have to worry so much about the fragility of small pieces so I could pose them any way that I wanted.

Tonight I sanded all the pieces twice. Then I washed them all down to get rid of the fine residue left behind. Then I reconditioned the clay and prepared it for painting. I then spent the last 4-5 hours painting the pieces and am waiting for them to finish baking now to seal the paint on. Later today I will put him all together and he will be ready to be fitted for clothing. I now do not need to spend anymore long nights working on this little one and am looking forward to relaxing for two days!

I will take pictures later today to post when I get him all together.

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